Read-A-Thon 2022

We are excited to announce that this year’s PTA Read-A-Thon will take place Monday April 18 through Monday May 9!

What is a Read-A-Thon?
A Read-A-Thon is a FUNdraiser that encourages kids to set a reading goal and get family members and friends to sponsor them in reaching the goal. We encourage students to challenge themselves, but also to set a realistic goal that they can achieve and feel proud of. Over the 3 week Read-A-Thon, we are challenging kindergarteners to read for at least 100 minutes, 1st graders to read for at least 200 minutes, 2nd graders to read for at least 300 minutes, 3rd graders to read for at least 400 minutes. You can do this, Rams!

What counts as reading?
Our students’ ages vary and everyone is learning! You can tally minutes for students reading by themselves, being read to by a grown-up or older child, picture walking, actively listening to Epic Read-To-Me’s or other kids audiobooks. The goal is to get kids spending time with books and stories, however that works best for them.

Prizes (we promise that prizes WILL happen this year):

  • At the end of the Read-A-Thon, a prize will be given to the student with the highest minute total from each grade level!
  • The names of all students who meet there grade level’s number of reading minutes (see above) will be entered into a drawing to win another prize (3 names drawn per grade level)!
  • The class with the highest number of total minutes read will get a special prize! Work together, classes!
  • All participating students will receive a cool participation prize!

Take a look through the attached materials and review them with your student!
Here’s what is included:

  • Pledge note/email or conversation ideas (English / Spanish) : We’re providing sample text for a note or email that your student can send to family members and friends to request sponsorship. The sample note is attached in this pack`et. Feel free to use it or modify it. (English / Spanish)
  • Pledge form (English / Spanish): Use this form to record the names, email addresses and pledge amounts of each donor. See instructions and examples on the form. This form should be returned to your student’s teacher by Friday, April 22 (last day of school before spring break). Students have a total of 3 weeks to collect pledges. (English / Spanish)

Reading minutes log bookmarks
We’ll be using a bookmark format reading log this year. These snazzy bookmarks will allow students to keep track of their reading minutes and keep the log safely tucked inside the book they are reading. Students will receive bookmark reading logs from their teacher on the first day of the Read-A-Thon. When bookmarks are full, make sure students’ names are on them and return them to the Read-A-Thon folder in each classroom so that we can add them to each student’s total! We will provide as many bookmarks as students need, so keep reading!

  • Kindergarten and 1st graders: (download) Color in a book for each 20 minutes read, then total up the number of colored-in books at the bottom!
  • 2nd-5th graders: (download) Write the reading start and stop times (or just record number of minutes) each time you read and then total the minutes. Then add up the minutes and write the total at the bottom!

Library cards
The Ridgecrest Elementary library has thousands of wonderful books for your student to check out and read during the Read-A-Thon. If your student wants more reading materials, consider a visit to the beautiful Shoreline King County Library at the corner of 175th St. and 5th Ave NE. You can browse in person to check out books, or search materials online and submit an online request to have books held, then make a quick and easy stop to pick them up. Need a free library card?
Visit: or visit the library!

Read, read, read, Rams! Questions? Email us:

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