Standing Rules

Standing Rules 2017-18 School Year
Ridgecrest Elementary School Shoreline, WA
PTA 6.12.60

Name and Purpose
  1. The name of this PTA local unit is the Ridgecrest Elementary School PTA 6.12.60. Our primary goal is to
    positively impact every child in the Ridgecrest area in Shoreline, and out of area attendees, by providing
    programs, events, funding, and volunteer contributions, while remaining accountable to the principals upon which
    our association was founded.
  2. This unit is a non-profit corporation recognized by the State of Washington on December 20, 1979.
  3. This PTA is registered under the Washington Charitable Solutions Act Registration Number: RID-P88-320. The
    Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration by May 31 st to avoid penalties.
  4. This PTA agrees to abide by the current Washington State PTA (WSPTA) Uniform Bylaws as amended at the
    annual WSPTA convention.
  5. The IRS recognizes this unit as a 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization.
  6. Two (2) notebooks containing all records pertaining to the PTA’s legal matters, identified as the Legal Documents
    binder, shall be kept in two (2) separate locations; copies of each document kept at Ridgecrest, and the originals
    filed at the Council office. It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer and Secretary to keep the notebooks
Budget and Finance
  1.  The current Treasurer is responsible for filing IRS Form 990, due November 15 th every year. Copies of the current
    and past year’s returns are located in the Legal Documents binder.
  2. The signatures of a minimum of four (4) elected officers shall be on the authorized signature card for the PTA’s
    bank account. These elected officers must be designated by the first General Meeting where they will also be
    voted in by Membership. The Treasurer will update the bank account with the new members and remove all
    previous signers within 30 days of the Membership vote. All checks must have two signatures. All bank
    statements must have a signature and cannot be signed by an elected signer.
  3. Use of a PTA debit card, credit card, ATM card and online banking to disburse PTA funds is not permitted
    according to WSPTA Uniform Bylaws. Cash cannot be used as a form of PTA payment, either.
  4. The Board of Directors may vote to reallocate funds within the budget throughout the fiscal year and must report
    the changes to Membership at the next scheduled General Meeting. If there are no other General Meetings
    scheduled, Membership will be informed via email within 14 days of the change. Membership must vote on any
    line item changes.
  5. Any requests for reimbursements must be submitted within 14 calendar days of the PTA sponsored event, with
    the exception of any event that takes place in the month of June. Requests for reimbursements in the month of
    June must be submitted by the last Monday of the school year. All reimbursements must align to a pre-designated
    budget line item.
  6. All funds provided by the PTA must have documentation from the requestor of how funds were used and
    submitted to the Treasurer by the last Monday of the school year.
  7. All vendor contracts must be approved and signed by two (2) Board members. Board members do not need to be
    part of the vendor negotiation.
  8. A current report of receipts and expenditures must be presented at each general meeting and provided upon
    request in months without a general meeting. A financial Review of the Treasurer’s books and must be conducted
    annually after June 30 th of each year and preferably mid-year. The President shall appoint a Financial Review
    committee of at least three (3) persons who were not authorized to sign on the bank account for the period(s)
    being reviewed. The current Treasurer cannot be a member of the Financial Review Committee. An audit may be
    called by the Board or Membership at any time.
  9. Funds should not be below the amount needed to cover basic PTA expenses, specifically insurance, district,
    state, and national dues, teacher and staff grants, and what it costs to hold 3 community size fundraisers such as
    the walk-a-thon, carnival, and read-a-thon.
  10. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual corporation report by December 31 st every year. The registered
    agent for this corporation is the WA State PTA. The Employer Identification Number is located in the legal
    documents binder in the custody of the president.
  11. The Ridgecrest PTA has designated the WA state PTA as its registered agent for the Secretary of State’s
    Corporation Division. Copies of the signed documents making such designation is located in the legal documents
  12. Per the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws the Board of Directors will annually review, complete, and sign the
    WSPTA Standards of Affiliation Agreement and keep on file in the Legal Documents binder.
Membership and Dues
  1. Membership at this PTA shall be open to all people, eighteen years or older, without discrimination. Membership
    is open to all parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, guardians, community members, and any other persons that
    support and encourage the purpose of PTA.
  2. The Membership service fees for this PTA shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) per person, or twenty-six dollars
    ($26.00) per two adults, and an additional thirteen dollars ($13) for every 18+ year-old family member after that.
  3. The students of Ridgecrest Elementary School shall be considered honorary members of this unit without voice,
    vote, or privilege of holding office.
  4. PTA membership lists shall not be released to outside interests (per WA PTA Uniform Bylaws).
Elections, Officers, Committees, and Meetings
  1. The Executive Committee, comprised of elected officials, for this PTA must include one (1) President, one (1)
    Vice President (VP), one (1) Secretary, and one (1) Treasurer. This PTA has included a VP of Programs and VP
    of Fundraising (Ways and Means), which fulfill the VP requirement. The Executive Committee can do work as a
    group but must take PTA impacting activities to the Board to be official.
  2. The Board of Directors of this PTA shall consist of the Executive Committee, the chairs of active standing
    committees, the Ridgecrest Principal, and a Ridgecrest teacher/staff representative.
  3. The Standing Committees shall consist of Family Services, Legislative Affairs, Membership, Staff Appreciation,
    Enrichment Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator and must be voted in by membership. All other chairs are
    considered ad hoc chairs and do not need to be voted in.
  4. All PTA Board of Directors and any PTA committee chair person must have a Ridgecrest PTA membership for the
    current year. All PTA Board of Directors, Chairs, and any other PTA volunteer are required by law to complete an
    annual Washington State Patrol background check before assuming any volunteer duties.
  5. This PTA will ensure each member of the Executive Committee attends a minimum of one (1) WA PTA-approved
    training opportunities during the PTA year. At least one (1) member of the Executive Committee will attend “PTA
    and the Law” during the PTA year.
  6. All PTA volunteers must obtain a WA State Food Handlers permit before preparing and serving any food at PTA
    supported event.
  7. The PTA’s Board of Directors will meet monthly, or bi-monthly, on a date and time to be determined by the Board.
    Any elected position (except Treasurer) may be held jointly by two (2) people.
  8. If there are co-position holders, they shall be entitled to a voice and vote at the Board of Director’s meetings. If an
    individual holds two positions, such as an Elected Officer and a standing committee chair, their vote will be
    counted once.
  9. Adoption of the budget, adoption of standing rules, election of the nominating committee, report of the financial
    review committee, and election of officers shall take place at general membership meetings. There shall be
    annual meeting of the members to be held at a time and place fixed by the Board of Directors for the purpose of
    conducting business.
  10. Written notice of the place, day and time of the meetings shall be delivered not less than ten (10) days prior to the
    date of the meeting to each member.
  11. There must be a minimum of ten (10) voting members present to constitute a quorum at General Membership
    meetings and a majority of current Board Members at Board meetings, to conduct business. Voting may occur via
    email to obtain quorum. In the absence of a quorum this unit does not have the authority to make motions or pass
    resolutions. Only members who have paid membership fees for the current membership year shall be entitled to a
    voice and one vote on each matter of business.
  12. This PTA’s Board of Directors will meet on a date and time to be determined by Executive Committee. Voting
    delegates to the Annual State PTA Convention shall be chosen by the Executive Committee. The officers
    attending State PTA Convention will be partially reimbursed for Convention costs.
PTA Sponsored Events and Awards
  1. Each year this unit shall give a minimum of one award each for Golden Acorn and Outstanding Educator. A
    committee appointed by the Executive Committee shall elect the recipient(s).
  2. If, despite consistent and multiple recruitment efforts, a capable chairperson for a Ridgecrest PTA program or
    event cannot be found, the program or event in question may be cancelled.
  3. All PTA related communications to Ridgecrest families from school or posted on school property must be
    reviewed and approved by the PTA President or VP of Programs before use.