Ridgecrest PTA Read-A-Thon 2022 Summary

Hi Ridgecrest Rams, teachers, families, and community! This year’s PTA Read-A-Thon was a huge success! Together, Rams read for a total of 190,139 minutes during the 3 week Read-A-Thon!! That is equivalent to 132 days-WOW!

230 Ridgecrest students participated in the 2022 Read-A-Thon.

Student participation by grade level:

1st grade had the highest participation with 62 students, followed by 3rd grade with 45 students.

GradeNumber of participants and percentage of total students
K33 (50%)
162 (70%)
227 (41%)
345 (50%)
433 (44%)
530 (37%)

Student participation by class:

Both Ms. Ildiri’s kindergarten class and Ms. Clyde’s 1st grade class had full class participation. Way to go!

Minute totals by grade:

3rd grade read the most total minutes, followed closely by 1st grade.

GradeNumber of minutes

Minute totals by class:

The class with the highest minute total was Ms. Laviola’s 3rd grade class. This impressive performance has won them an extra PE!

Class-gradeTotal minutes
Remaining class totals ranged from 1,645 to 12,424

And now, the prizes!

Participation prizes were distributed to every student who submitted reading minutes.

A special thanks to Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park for desiging and printing these adorable custom bookmarks for us as a donation! We were excited to partner a local brick-and-morter book seller for our Read-A-Thon. The friendly folks at Third Place Books look forward to seeing lots of Ridgecrest Rams and there families pursuing the isles of books in there stores this spring and summer.

Class with highest minute total

Winner: Ms. Laviola’s 3rd grade class
Prize: Extra PE with Robo!

Students with highest minute totals for their grade level

Prize: $20 Third Place Books gift card:
6 winners: The student with the highest reading minute total from each grade level.

Prize drawings

All students who met their grade level’s minimum (100 minutes for kindergarten, 200 for 1st grade, 300 for 2nd grade, 400 for 3rd grade, 500 for 4th grade, 600 for 5th grade) were entered into a prize drawing. A separate drawing was done for each grade level without replacement (i.e., names were not replaced into the pot once drawn so students could not win more than once). 11 names were drawn per grade level. The first 3 students drawn won $20 Third Place Books gift cards. The next 8 students drawn won vouchers to redeem at the school library for grade level appropriate new books of their choice! Gift cards and book vouchers will be distributed to winners in class.

Prize: $20 Third Place Books gift card
18 winners: The first 3 names drawn from each grade level’s prize drawing

Prize: Book voucher to be redeemed for donated new books in the Ridgecrest school library 48 winners: The 4th-11th names drawn from each grade level’s prize drawing

All prizes have been distributed to teachers, along with a detailed list of the names of the winners.

Congratulations to everyone who participated! Thanks for all your hard work, ridgecrest students and teachers!