Retailer Rebate Programs

These retailer programs give back to our school when you purchase specific products or shop at their stores!

  • eSCRIP (click to watch the informational video) Ridgecrest Elementary School PTA Gets 10% Back! It’s easy! Shop with your Safeway Club Card and we WIN! Please sign up/log in under Members/Supporters Group ID: 8566078. Your eScrip account needs to be updated every year for the school to receive points.
  • Box Tops for Education. Each one is worth 10 cents for Ridgecrest Elementary! Last year, this small effort meant that we had $1, 000 to spend on things our school and children need! Here is what to do with them!
  • QFC & Albertsons Bonuses! Check your Sunday paper each week. QFC & Albertsons periodically offers opportunities for you to earn Bonus Box Tops. Always check the receipt printer coupons you get at the check out. Sometimes they’ll be worth Bonus Box Tops & Labels. Send them in to school with your regular Box Tops & Labels.
  • Shop Amazon! 4-8% of your purchase comes back to Ridgecrest PTA. Shop Now.