Golden Acorn Award

Each year, Ridgecrest PTA provides two awards based on nominations from Ridgecrest families.

The Golden Acorn Award is given to honorees who give exemplary volunteer services to children and youth in our school community. The award is special and given for continued and dedicated service. This is an excellent way to honor our volunteers that have gone “above and beyond”. A contribution in the name of the recipient is made by the honoring PTA to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program. From these contributions, WSPTA is able to provide grants to freshmen students entering post secondary education.

  • Neha Raichur,
  • Tom Chin
  • Renee Calm
  • Elaine Johnson
  • Nicole Ruttenberg
  • Heather Corbin (2016; received the Honorary Achievement Service Award)
  • Kristin Leffler (2015)
  • Melissa Gates (2015)
  • Robyn Mah (2014)
  • Gena Margason (2014)

Golden Apple/Outstanding Advocate Awards

The Golden Apple/Outstanding Advocate Awards are given to honorees that develop and inspire students academically and personally, support student activities, work with parents and children, involve parents and community members, and employ innovative instructional techniques and/or management strategies.

  • Nathan Christian (2018; Golden Apple)
  • Joan Forbush (2018; Outstanding Advocate)
  • Stacee (Robo) Robinson (2017; Golden Apple)
  • Brittney Rider (2017; Golden Apple)
  • Lori Lynass (2017; Outstanding Advocate)
  • Andrea Early (2016; Golden Apple)
  • Joanna Freeman (2016; Golden Apple)
  • Lisa Witzel (2015; Golden Apple)
  • Lynn Freeman (2014; Golden Apple)


The form to nominate a person for either one of these awards is located here.