Our nomination committee is seeking candidates for our open board positions. If interested, you should contact RCPTAprograms@gmail.com or RCPTAfundraising@gmail.com. thanks for your help!

Member of Executive Committee.
Responsible for the PTA sponsored programs to support the academic enrichment, character development or health and welfare of our students and families. Current Programs include:

After-school Enrichment Programs
Art Docent
Watch DOGS
Family Nights
Harvest Carnival
Bingo Night
Science Night
Staff Appreciation
PTA Reflections and more

While the VP of Programs will oversee the various programs of the PTA, traditionally those programs have been the responsibility of a Committee or Coordinator. The VP of Programs will guide each committee chair and ensure timely execution of all activities. All activities must adhere to allocated budgets for which the VP of Programs will be responsible. As a member of the board, the VP of Programs will attend monthly meetings, participate in decision making and voting on proposals. May have a co-VP.

Member of Executive Committee.
Oversees all fundraising activities.  Research new fundraising possibilities.  Writes articles for newsletter as needed. Review any fundraising related contracts prior to signing. Signer of any fundraising related contracts. Work with PTA Chairs to set fundraising goals and work closely to support and ensure their event/activity meets fundraising goals. Attend PTA meetings and provide updates on fundraising activities. Review the past year’s fundraising activities and evaluate which ones were successful. Get input from all the PTA Fundraising Chairs. May have a Co-VP. Busiest times are Sep, and when the major fundraising event happens.  (Walk-A-Thon, Carnival, Read-A-Thon and Auction etc

TREASURER (may not have a co-Treasurer, but could be split by responsibility)
Member of Executive Committee.
Responsible for maintaining all financial documents, check disbursement, financial reporting, budget, audit and bank reconciliation.  Attend Board of Directors meetings. Bring financial books to all meetings, available for viewing as requested.  Prepare cash boxes for events (as needed) and be available to count the cash at the end of the event and make a night deposit with event chair or another board member.  Keeper of the Legal notebook that holds the originals for all PTA legal documentation